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  2. Zazzle - Wikipedia


    Zazzle is an American online marketplace that allows designers and customers to create their own products with independent manufacturers (clothing, posters, etc.), as well as use images from participating companies. Zazzle has partnered with many brands to amass a collection of digital images from companies like Disney, Warner Brothers and NCAA ...

  3. History of Microsoft Office - Wikipedia


    August 24, 1995. Office 95 (7.0) Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Schedule+, Binder, Access, Bookshelf. The first Office version to have the same version number (7.0, inherited from Word 6.0) for all major component products (Word, Excel and so on). First fully 32-bit version.

  4. Betty Crocker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Betty Crocker is a cultural icon, as well as brand name and trademark of American Fortune 500 corporation General Mills. The name was first developed by the Washburn ...

  5. Franz Binder - Wikipedia


    1975–1976. Rapid Wien. SW Bregenz. FC Kufstein. *Club domestic league appearances and goals. Franz "Bimbo" Binder (1 December 1911 – 24 April 1989) was an Austrian football player and coach who played as a forward. Internationally he represented the Austria national football team and the Germany national football team during the Anschluss.

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  8. 19+ Mistakes You Should Always Avoid at the Supermarket - AOL


    Trusting the End Caps. If you think everything on that all-important end cap is a great deal, think again, cautions Mary Potter Kenyon, author of "Coupon Crazy: The Science, The Savings, and The ...

  9. Electromagnetic induction - Wikipedia


    Electromagnetic or magnetic induction is the production of an electromotive force (emf) across an electrical conductor in a changing magnetic field . Michael Faraday is generally credited with the discovery of induction in 1831, and James Clerk Maxwell mathematically described it as Faraday's law of induction. Lenz's law describes the direction ...

  10. Max Gaines - Wikipedia


    Maxwell Charles Gaines (born Max Ginzberg, September 21, 1894 – August 20, 1947) was an American publisher and a pioneering figure in the creation of the modern comic book.

  11. Ring binder - Wikipedia


    Ring binder. Ring binders ( loose leaf binders, looseleaf binders, or sometimes called files in Britain) are large folders that contain file folders or hole punched papers (called loose leaves ). These binders come in various sizes and can accommodate an array of paper sizes. These are held in the binder by circular or D-shaped retainers, onto ...