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  2. Vanity number - Wikipedia


    A vanity number is a local or free-to-call telephone number for which a subscriber requests an easily remembered sequence of numbers for marketing purposes. While many of these are phonewords (such as 1-800-Flowers , 313-DETROIT, 1-800-Taxicab or 1-800-Battery), occasionally all-numeric vanity phone numbers are used.

  3. Toll-free telephone number - Wikipedia


    A toll-free telephone number or freephone number is a telephone number that is billed for all arriving calls. For the calling party, a call to a toll-free number from a landline is free of charge. A toll-free number is identified by a dialing prefix similar to an area code. The specific service access varies by country.

  4. Phoneword - Wikipedia


    Phonewords are the most common vanity numbers, although a few all-numeric vanity phone numbers are used. Toll-free telephone numbers are often branded using phonewords; some firms use easily memorable vanity telephone numbers like 1-800 Contacts, 1-800-Flowers, 1-866-RING-RING, or 1-800-GOT-JUNK? as brands for flagship products or names for ...

  5. Toll-free telephone numbers in the North American Numbering ...


    Contents. Toll-free telephone numbers in the North American Numbering Plan. Toll-free telephone numbers in the North American Numbering Plan have the area code prefix 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888. Additionally, area codes 822, 880 through 887, and 889 are reserved for toll-free use in the future. 811 is excluded because it is a special ...

  6. Learn more info about AOL 24x7 Live Support - AOL Help


    AOL 24x7 Live Support covers technical issues related to your AOL service, including AOL Mail, AOL Desktop and AOL membership benefit activation. With AOL 24x7 Live Support you get access to our AOL experts anytime you need them - by phone or chat. AOL 24x7 Live Support does not require activation, once you purchased AOL 24x7 Live Support for a ...

  7. Wide Area Telephone Service - Wikipedia


    Vanity numbers became easier to obtain as a toll-free exchange prefix was no longer tied to a geographic location. By the 21st century, Voice over IP placed toll-free and foreign exchange numbers into the hands of even the smallest users, to whom dedicated inbound lines under the original InWATS model would have been prohibitively expensive.

  8. Get Support-AOL Help


    If you have done and so and have been unable to reach a satisfactory resolution, CCTS may be able to help you. To learn more about CCTS, you may visit its website at www.ccts-cprst.ca or call toll-free at 1-888-221-1687.

  9. FAQ & Answers for Assist by AOL | AOL Products


    1. How do I get tech support from Assist by AOL? Our US based agents are available 24/7! After you purchase an Assist by AOL plan, you’ll be given a dedicated toll-free number.

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