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  2. Free (ISP) - Wikipedia


    Free S.A.S. Free S.A.S. is a French telecommunications company, subsidiary of Iliad S.A. that provides voice, video, data, and Internet telecommunications to consumers in France. Its head office is in the 8th arrondissement of Paris and it is the second-largest ISP in France. Free provides ISP services in France [1] [2] and in the 30 OECD ...

  3. Free Mobile - Wikipedia


    mobile .free .fr. Free Mobile S.A.S. is a French telecommunications company, subsidiary of Free S.A.S. that provides wireless Internet to consumers in France. It was the fourth mobile network operator to obtain a metropolitan French 3G license in 2009. It also obtained a 4G license in 2011.

  4. Creation and annihilation operators - Wikipedia


    Creation and annihilation operators. Creation operators and annihilation operators are mathematical operators that have widespread applications in quantum mechanics, notably in the study of quantum harmonic oscillators and many-particle systems. [1] An annihilation operator (usually denoted ) lowers the number of particles in a given state by one.

  5. Hilbert–Schmidt operator - Wikipedia


    The Hilbert–Schmidt operators form a two-sided *-ideal in the Banach algebra of bounded operators on H. They also form a Hilbert space, denoted by BHS(H) or B2(H), which can be shown to be naturally isometrically isomorphic to the tensor product of Hilbert spaces. where H∗ is the dual space of H.

  6. Free software - Wikipedia


    Shown are the GNOME desktop environment, the GNU Emacs text editor, the GIMP image editor, and the VLC media player. Free software, libre software, or libreware [1] [2] is computer software distributed under terms that allow users to run the software for any purpose as well as to study, change, and distribute it and any adapted versions.

  7. Almost Mathieu operator - Wikipedia


    In mathematical physics, the almost Mathieu operator, named for its similarity to the Mathieu operator [1] introduced by Émile Léonard Mathieu, [2] arises in the study of the quantum Hall effect. It is given by. acting as a self-adjoint operator on the Hilbert space . Here are parameters.

  8. Hermitian adjoint - Wikipedia


    Hermitian adjoint. In mathematics, specifically in operator theory, each linear operator on an inner product space defines a Hermitian adjoint (or adjoint) operator on that space according to the rule. where is the inner product on the vector space . The adjoint may also be called the Hermitian conjugate or simply the Hermitian [1] after ...

  9. d'Alembert operator - Wikipedia


    d'Alembert operator. In special relativity, electromagnetism and wave theory, the d'Alembert operator (denoted by a box: ), also called the d'Alembertian, wave operator, box operator or sometimes quabla operator [1] ( cf. nabla symbol) is the Laplace operator of Minkowski space. The operator is named after French mathematician and physicist ...