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  2. Code generation (compiler) - Wikipedia


    Code generation (compiler) In computing, code generation is part of the process chain of a compiler and converts intermediate representation of source code into a form (e.g., machine code) that can be readily executed by the target system. Sophisticated compilers typically perform multiple passes over various intermediate forms.

  3. Comparison of code generation tools - Wikipedia


    Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro City Business Logic Windows 2001 11.03b 2011-09-04 Proprietary: AtomWeaver Isomeris Windows 2010 1.3.1 2012-02-20 Proprietary: Catapult:

  4. Automatic programming - Wikipedia


    Automatic programming. In computer science, automatic programming [1] is a type of computer programming in which some mechanism generates a computer program to allow human programmers to write the code at a higher abstraction level. There has been little agreement on the precise definition of automatic programming, mostly because its meaning ...

  5. Code generation - Wikipedia


    Code generation (compiler), a mechanism to produce the executable form of computer programs, such as machine code, in some automatic manner. Automatic programming (source code generation), the act of generating source code based on an ontological model such as a template. Generating code at run time in self-modifying code and just-in-time ...

  6. Generator matrix - Wikipedia


    A generator matrix for a linear [,,]-code has format , where n is the length of a codeword, k is the number of information bits (the dimension of C as a vector subspace), d is the minimum distance of the code, and q is size of the finite field, that is, the number of symbols in the alphabet (thus, q = 2 indicates a binary code, etc.).

  7. Create and manage 3rd-party app passwords - AOL Help


    Call paid premium support at 1-800-358-4860 to get live expert help from AOL Customer Care. If you use a 3rd-party email app to access your AOL Mail account, you may need a special code to give that app permission to access your AOL account. Learn how to create and delete app passwords.

  8. Swagger (software) - Wikipedia


    When creating APIs, Swagger tooling may be used to automatically generate an Open API document based on the code itself. This embeds the API description in the source code of a project and is informally called code-first or bottom-up API development. Alternatively, using Swagger Codegen, developers can decouple the source code from the Open API ...

  9. Convolutional code - Wikipedia


    Convolutional code with any code rate can be designed based on polynomial selection; however, in practice, a puncturing procedure is often used to achieve the required code rate. Puncturing is a technique used to make a m/n rate code from a "basic" low-rate (e.g., 1/n) code. It is achieved by deleting of some bits in the encoder output.